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How much mulch do I need?

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What kind of mulch is the best choice for any landscaping project?

Beneficial elements of landscaping mulch

One of the most overlooked, yet beneficial elements of landscaping is mulch. Mulching should be done on a yearly basis to replace the mulch that has broken down or was removed during leaf clean-up the prior fall. Not only does mulch give the landscape a clean appearance, it is beneficial for the plants. As the mulch breaks down it provides nutrients for the plants, it also helps hold moisture, and it cuts down on weeds. Unlike other companies, we do not over mulch. At any given time, there should not be more than 4 inches of mulch in a planting bed. If there is excess mulch, we will remove the excess and replace it with a light coating of fresh mulch. Not only do we check the depth of the mulch, we make sure that mulch is not mounded up on shrubs, tree trunks, houses or any other items that may be in the planting bed. This can cause harm to the plants, or wood trim of a house. Before spring mulching, we broadcast a weed pre-emergent, fertilize all plants with a multi-purpose 14-14-14 or 12-12-12 fertilizer, and either re-define or establish the bed edge with a spade (only if there is no permanent edging in place).


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